Hi there SPA08

On this wiki you will create pages about things that are important and/or fun in your lives. You will work in groups of three which means there'll be 6 groups in our class. This is our first try and we won't spend too much time working on your different pages/topics. Today we'll only have time to discuss and choose topics. Next week you'll write about your topic and the week after that we'll read and comment on each others' topics (and maybe edit our texts a bit after receiving these comments.)

Fill your page(s) with text, videos, pictures, audio and links. All of these features must be included on your wiki. However, you may not use copyrighted material. Make your own audio with Audacity if you want to, or download free music (i.e. not copyrighted music), for example at soundclick.com. Link to, or embed, free youtube videos etc. Use your own pictures or pictures from sites like Flickr . Remember to always clearly write where you have found your photo, music, article etc., and make sure you are allowed to use it!!

Don't be afraid to "make mistakes" when writing on your wikis. It's easy to go back and correct things. Remember that we are all new at this and we'll all make mistakes from which we'll learn (it's time you started making mistakes and not just me : ). On a wiki you are actually supposed to go in and suggest modifications to what others have written, linked etc.The sum of your combined efforts should be greater than what you would have accomplished on your own, that's the idea here!

From what you have told med before one topic that might be interesting is music. What other topics do you want to write about?
Super Subject